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Shiny Rims


At Bravo Auto Styling, we elevate the standard for rejuvenating your vehicle's wheels, ensuring they mirror their original splendor just as when they first dazzled on the showroom floor. Our expertise lies in meticulously repairing damage from curb-rash and potholes, alongside offering comprehensive wheel restoration and refinishing services.

A Full Spectrum of
Wheel Care Solutions

Our repertoire of wheel repair services is extensive, crafted to address every need. Highlights include:

Precision Wheel Straightening

Combat the impacts of potholes, road debris encounters, curb mishaps, or the aftermath of driving on a flat tire with our expert straightening service.

Dynamic Powder-Coating

Transform your wheels with a fresh, durable color or finish, returning them to pristine condition or customizing to suit your unique style.

Wheel Restoration Perfection

The added layer of protection helps maintain the structural integrity of the wheels, contributing to better vehicle performance.

Expert Wheel Refinishing

Revitalize wheels that have suffered from age, environmental elements, or physical damage, restoring their original luster and appeal.

Crack Repair for Wheels

Address the safety hazards and visual detriments of cracked wheels caused by severe road encounters, ensuring your ride is both safe and stylish.

Custom Rim Personalization

Stand out with custom powder-coating options in an extensive palette of colors and finishes, reflecting your personal flair.

Curb Rash Remediation

We skillfully remove the blemishes of scratches, gouges, and concrete marks, reviving the elegance of your painted, powder-coated, or machine-finished rims.

Pothole Damage Solutions

Our specialized services counter the frequent wheel damages from potholes, restoring the integrity and aesthetics of your rims.

Let's Get Your Wheels Spinning!

Ready for a wheel repair or interested in customizing your rims with a unique powder coat? Simply complete our contact form, attach a photo of the wheel(s) or rims you wish to enhance, and we'll reach out within 24-48 hours with a complimentary estimate. At Bravo Auto Styling, we're committed to setting your wheels in motion, brilliantly restored or uniquely yours.

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