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2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Transformation

Before: The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee arrived with its paint dulled by minor scratches and swirls, an interior showing signs of regular use, standard chrome accents, and clear tail lights, lacking the enhanced privacy and UV protection of window tint.

After: Following our comprehensive services, the Jeep Grand Cherokee boasts a revitalized exterior with a flawless finish, thanks to our paint correction process. A layer of ceramic coating now protects this enhanced gloss, offering long-lasting durability and ease of cleaning. The interior has been meticulously detailed, restoring it to showroom condition and ensuring a pristine driving environment. Tail lights have been tastefully tinted for a sleek, customized look, while chrome elements were replaced with a modern, matte finish through our chrome delete service. Windows now feature a 35% ceramic tint, providing superior UV protection and privacy, elevating both the comfort and aesthetics of the vehicle.


Experience unparalleled automotive rejuvenation with our specialized services.

2022 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Windows now feature a 15% Ceramic Tint and Tail Light Tint

2024 Lexus TX350

Bravo Auto Styling meticulously corrected the previous PPF application, ensuring a seamless, virtually invisible protection that complements the Lexus TX350's elegant contours. Our expert team employed precision techniques to achieve flawless coverage, enhancing the vehicle's resilience against scratches, chips, and environmental elements, while preserving its luxurious aesthetic.

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